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Wonders of the Universe Preview

Fri Apr 29, 2011, 5:54 PM
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New cartoon preview time!  This is always exciting.

Futurama did it firstd

“Wonders of the Universe” will be a episodic Flash series by me and my two friends Casey and Mark... collectively known as Toonwerks. The premise is simple: The Wonders of the Universe is the state of the art, intergalactic cruise liner. Think “The Love Boat meets Star Trek ” and you got what we're aiming for here. The crew and passengers are aliens, and us Humans do all the dirty work no one else wants to do.

While the setting is a cruise ship, the main focus is the crew. One of the main characters is the humble Quinton Quasar (shown above). The Pilot episode is about his first day on the ship, and him meeting fellow human Nova Jones. Oh and there's a robot too.  People love robots!

Other characters include parts of the alien crew. The first mate of the ship is Lin'Zee Starshine... a vapid blond who probably wasn't hired for her navigational skills. The head of security is Major Canis.. a former military man with a bone to pick with our hero. Both of these characters are one of the handful of alien races reoccurring in the series.  I just realized they don’t have a name yet...

There are several other characters as well. Pictured above are Solaris Williams and Ensign Andromeda Xangerflaxx.. but you can call him “Andy” if you want. Solaris is a bartender at one of the classier establishments on the ship. Andy is a part of the bridge crew, and probably spends his nights making sure his Space Paladin hits max level.

We are very excited about this new series! We have countless ideas to keep things going for quite awhile. Our goal is to have each episode run about 3 to 5 minutes so we can produce them fairly quickly. Truth be told out main drawback is manpower... Mark can only animate so fast!

As always I want to make a couple points:

        1) We haven’t forgotten about “Legends of the Black Book.” “Legends” was probably the wrong project to start out on as a new team, as its very story driven and takes forever to make. Part 2 is being worked on, but we thought “Wonders” has more potential and a broader appeal, and felt it would be more appropriate to focus on that for now. We love “Legends,” but it's not for everyone.

2) This series is episodic. We feel very strongly that the first episode will stand on its own, but it was very clearly designed to be ongoing. In a series of shorts with so many characters, it may take some time to get to know them fully. I make this point because several times in the past (“Legends” included) I felt that the first episode didn't fully capture what my intentions were. In several cases it never got past the first episode! I am much more confident that we'll see several episodes of “Wonders,” especially if we get some help with the animation.

So there's your introduction to “Wonders of the Universe!” I can't say when the pilot and the first mini episode will be released, but I'm sure it'll be sometime this summer. Much of the animation is finished, but there's still a lot of work to be done of the series introduction. (Presented as a television commercial)

Enjoy the new artwork!

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I like it. Lots of potential here.
FangztheWolf Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
I demand to see the 'baby' sun from teletubbies in this.
Tempted-Fate Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Student Filmographer
Are you interested in outsourcing some of your animation?
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And ooOOOooooh. Pretty...
robat Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
[i]Major Canis[/i] having [i]a bone to pick[/i]

You couldn't resist that double-pun now , could you? ;P
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On behalf of all of human kind, I hereby volunteer to be ambassador of earth to all sexy blue alien girls, with all of the duties and privileges it entails.

There he goes ... homeboy boned himself a martian. Yeah.
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