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Chibi Killer Instinct: Season 3 by LegendaryFrog
Chibi Killer Instinct: Season 3
From left to right:  Kim Wu, Mira, Arbiter, Tusk, Eyedol, Gargos (and friends). Rash, and General RAAM.

Here it is: the Season 3 cast of Killer Instinct! It's been a interesting group of characters... and yes.. There's a Halo guy, a Battletoad, and a Gears of War monster in there.  Personally I would have liked one of the guest characters to be original... but it's still neat they're included.  This also means the entire original KI cast have been updated to the new game. So if there's a Season 4 there should be plenty of 100% new faces!  The developers did a survey about possible new characters.. and among the original concepts and guests, there were suggestions of sort of "clones" of excising characters.  Looking forward what they do next!

Just like my previous 2 sets It's been a blast making these chibis!  If it wasn't for the kind response to them on here and twitter, I dunno if I would have continued to do them!  (One of the CREATORS of KI linked to the Season 2 picture... how nuts is that??) 

Season 1:…
Season 2:…

Here are all my KI chibis in icon form.  Feel free to use them!…

If you enjoy my art, consider checking out my Patreon page!
Killer Instinct: Classic Eyedol Chibi by LegendaryFrog
Killer Instinct: Classic Eyedol Chibi
The last character of Killer Instinct Season 3 will be out next month, and as you might know I've been drawing chibis of the cast as they're released.  The only classic KI character NOT in the game so far is the boss character Eyedol.  I have no idea if he'll be included in the new game, but I had the urge to draw him in his classic form... plus a few additions.  Consider it a bonus!
Undertale:  Undyne by LegendaryFrog
Undertale: Undyne
Yeah I got around to playing Undertale.  Yeah, it's pretty great.  And it's rewarding if you play it multiple times in different ways,  I hear.  It's kinda too bad I saw a lot of characters and stuff before I got a chance to play.


Joseph Blanchette
United States
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Episode 1 of "Lloyd" is out! Check it out via the link below.…

If you weren't aware, "Lloyd" is a series me and Toonwerks are doing with Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones. It stars a cat detective, and he solves cases based on reviews on Brad's site. The first episode is based off the horrible ET rip off "Nukie"

WARNING: This can be a MATURE series... so watch out!

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